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Aero & Astro Engineering Software  v.1.0

Coding convenient Aero & Astro functions into one easy to use package. From rocket engine design, to flight and space

Aero & Astro Engineering Software  v.1.0

Coding convenient Aero & Astro functions into one easy to use package. From rocket engine design, to flight and space dynamics.


Making the tools of annotation languages, source-to-source code transformation and code generation more useful and accessible to the developers of scientific and engineering software for high-performance

OpenPE  v.1.0

Computer Aid Process Engineering software, based on cobra technology, which can provided simulating all industry processes.It will contain Physical Properties, Unit Operations, Simulator Executive, Reaction, Numerical Solvers, GUI/CLI.

OpenFrac  v.1.0

Openfrac is a petroleum engineering software tool. To design, simulation, and analysis fracture. It is mainly written in C++. OpenFrac is an open source project under heavy development which released under GPL.

Zion-IT-ERP  v.1.0

ERP accounting ( weberp ). PHP, MYSQL, PDF. Sales, Inventory, Purchasing, AR, AP, GL. Professional software engineering.Software architecture, Generated code, Component based, OO, SOAP, API, database design, documentation, testing.

Qn Compute  v.1.0

Financial engineering software toolkit for students, researchers and practitioners.

Today IP 2005  v.1.5

This is one of the software of SoftDevTeam which was released on 7/10/2005. This program can be used as a support to mobile phones. Now let's see some of its key featuresIt can support Mobile 2003 and SE,expand view for more details of your network

Power Engineer Visualization Component  v.4.0

Power Engineering Visualization VC++ Source Code Solutions UCanCode Softwareis a world-class Power Engineering Solutions provider with an established reputation for customer responsiveness and technical expertise. Our solutions stand behind

Portable PLCEdit  v.2.2.0 Build r98

A simple code editor for Moeller SucoSoft compatible .

Check Domains  v.2.5

Check Domains can help you fast, easy to use, new and efficient to find unregistered domains on the

Gentoo Linux  v.12.0

Gentoo is a free operating system based on either Linux or FreeBSD that can be automatically optimized and customized for just about any application or need. Extreme configurability, performance and a top-notch user and developer community are all

DaemonFS for Linux  v.1.1

DaemonFS is a tool that monitors in real time files on your hard disk.

Software Engineering Project 2008-2009  v.1.0

il gruppo dedicato al progetto di Ingegneria del Software dell'anno accademico 2008/2009.La finalita' e' quella di creare un punto di ritrovo che ci permetta di comunicare in modo piu' semplice e inmediato.

Open Source Software Engineering Tools  v.1.0

A collection of tools to aid the software development process. All tools will be open source, so free for all.

PIN 780 Software Engineering  v.1.0

This is a University of Pretoria code project to design and build a program for the module PIN 780

Engineering Calculator  v.1.12

This calculator is very bright and easy to use, support more than 50 functions. The Engineering Calculator has been nominated as the Best Pocket PC Software by in the EUROPE POCKET PC AWARD 2002. Enhancements: - Correct the mistake of

MIE Trak Shop Software  v.10.6

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a critical function for custom manufacturers, made-to-order manufacturers and custom manufacturers, one that needs to be supported by a powerful and complete software solution. Modern ERP manufacturing software

Geomatics Engineering OpenSSG  v.1.0

A software directed towards the geomatics engineering community. OpenSSG efficiently implements a collection of components vital to geomatics industry using smooth and flexible

LandXML Software Development Kit  v.beta2

LandXML C++ Software Development Kit.LandXML is an open, XML-based data standard for civil engineering and transportation

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